Usually when I'm quiet that means I'm thinking. When I'm quiet on the internet or social media, that means I'm busy. I don't put too much thought into social media and posts. I'm a naturally private person and don't like people all in my bidness. That doesn't mean I won't go off from time to time if the situation deserves it. Luckily it has been a while since my last incident. (you know who you are) I posted my new logo today which will probably be my last post for a long time.  I'll keep grinding in secret. I decided that this was the year of me. Last year I did really well. I also failed on so many levels. One was trying to ink partnerships. That was a disaster. People ain't built like me. Most want to live the idea but not he work. Some want to take all your work and claim it for themselves. I just want to make movies.

I spent a lot of time over the last years meeting and trying to forge partnerships but in the end, ended up doing everything myself with the exception of people I paid for services. This year, that's the way I go. I figured out I can just pay people and move on. That way we all on the same page. They get a check and I get a service. No one has to pretend to be interested in my projects anymore. No one has to pretend to want a partner but really just want to see what I can do for them. If you got a talent or skill then I will just hire you. If they don't want to work for money, then I'll just find someone else. point blank period. That's how I'm rocking for 2022. My circle a period. The way I like it. 

This year I changed my logo and also changed my thinking. Let's see how it all goes. Either way, I'll be straight because I always got me. And I can vibe with myself just fine. :) 


I've found that people compete with ghost who they will never beat. Why? I can remember a time when I was really young, (20s ha) that I thought this way. I would not collaborate with other artists because it was always me against them.  I would strive to be the best. That’s where I failed. To be the best at something, it takes a village to help you learn. There’s no way one person can know everything. Now I only compete with who I was yesterday. I found that support is not people liking your status or even buying your product. Support is people really appreciating what you do. Daily. If I make a film that you dig then watch it. Don’t watch it just because you know me. I would rather you have a connection with the material.  You like what I do and how I do it and you are willing to share that with others. If you rock with me and you like what I do then you are the type supporter I like!

A short example. There was this time a guy made a song about me. I didn’t care for the guy and we had a little squabble here and there. But the song was good! I went around town blasting the song in my car and it was talking about me. It didn’t matter because it was a good song. I guess that’s support. I supported his music but I didn’t like his ugly face. HA. But if anyone asked me about the song I proudly told them it was good.

You don’t have to like me to like what I do. And you don’t have to like what I do to like me. I know most people that I grew up with won’t care for Once. But that’s ok. I still rock with you. Go watch gutta story!

So I got a kickback from a guy who was just being honest and I wanted to address it here. First off he asked why did I say I was the greatest story teller ever to do it when I have no accolades to back it up. buurrrnnn. HAHAH. I love it! The page heading is my affirmation. It's the thing that I strive to accomplish the most. Now I know that this is an impossible goal because 'the greatest" is all subjective. Who's the greatest basketball player? Exactly. It doesn't really matter. It's whatever you think. If I was to say that Tyler Perry was the greatest film maker ever people would draw and quarter me. If I was to say it was Spielberg, people would argue but I'll leave in one piece. The point I'm trying to make is you have the right to think whatever you want. It's your god damn brain! I think I'm the greatest, therefore I am so. In my mind. The only place that counts. to me. So don't allow anyone to tear you down a peg. If you think you are the best then THINK THAT unapologetically and don't let what anyone say change or alter that FACT. He's obviously a fan. Why else would he be examining my page? :) 


 "Why can't I be the best...?"




Wehw, we made it through 2021. So much happened that I'm truly thankful for. This year is about grinding a little more than I did last year. To start, I've already written 3 features before the year was done. Two just in the last 3 weeks. My latest is "Remember to smile". It's a touching, heavy, drama that focuses on black men and they way we think about different situations. I've had this story in my head for about a year now and was able to complete the 77 page script in 2 days. Again, this is just me telling you how I write, not to be boastful in any kind of way. I have an idea, most time a complete vision from a dream, and I just sit there and write until I'm done.

Most likely I won't be shooting this film this year because I want to focus on the lighter stuff for right now. When I say deep, this film is DEEP.  But you know me, (i hope by now), it will be very entertaining. I don't have any plans to write anything else script wise this year but that can change with a simple dream. I have two more scripts in my head fighting to get out but for now I want to finish the second novel. That takes way longer than writing a script. like two months :) I make fun of my speed of writing a lot because I had no clue that it was unusual. I think I can pull it off because I don't give a shit what people think. If I like it, then I write it. Also produce and shoot it. So far, that has worked for me. I think I have a good taste in film and I'm tough on myself when it comes to my scripts.

I have written things and threw it in the trash. (dropbox) and will never revisit it. Maybe the idea sounded good but on the page it was stupid. These ideas come from me though not my dreams. This is when I'm having a "dream drought" and nothing has came in for months. Haven't had one of those in a few years so i'm glad about that. Let me give an example then i'll end this little tirade.

I had written a film called "The how can love". LOL this was probably in 2013. I thought the idea was great until I wrote it. It was about this guy on his deathbed that got to go back to his wedding day to start all over. Needless to say the film (?mr.nobody?) did the idea much better than my script. I laugh at that shit today because I was really trying hard to write it and in the end it was a massive failure. I have a couple of more but won't get into it. So my good people of earth, keep dreaming, keep writing and HAPPY NEW YEAR! let's get to work! And remember to smile.


I was thinking of posting a status but I honestly don't like social media. I explained that in one of my previous rants. So I will post it here. :) It's about winning and/or being jealous of the people around you that are winning. Unless you on god mode, we all get jealous from time to time even if it last just a moment. I found myself jealous of another film maker because he got some opportunities that I felt I should have had. Long story short, he was blessed with nepotism and being from a family successful in the film business. He never even thought about film until it was the only thing left for him to try. needless to say, he had a big win. It's strange because I was honestly happy for him but at the same time I felt that he didn't deserve that level of "winning" so early in his career. I know that doesn't make sense but I'm just telling how I felt. Then I thought about something that has become a life lesson. We never know what someone is going through and sometimes they need a big win just to get through the day. That means that maybe people that win really need to. I know there are times where I feel lost and really need something to happen to bring me back. For me, it's a small win because I don't require much. I'm aware that I'm blessed so a good review of my film is a win for me that keeps me going. Some people need lottery types of wins. Like really big wins in order not to lose their minds. I understand that now. I think that my slow and steady grind is a win. I think doing what I love the most is a win. I would love to make it to the academy awards but if not, I'll be ok. As long as I get to tell stories, I'll be fine. That's my win. My good people of earth, find your "wins" and don't concern yourself with other people's. They may need it more than you and that's ok. 

I'm always writing something. If it isn't scripts then it's words of the day or some other crazy thought. I have so many ideas and I just want to get them on a page. As a film writer, I get stuck on deciding to go for the big ideas or write the small, more manageable ones first. I normally decide on the latter. That's because I want to get the films done. I know that I can do smaller films with no problem so that's what I tend to focus on when writing. I do put all my ideas on the page when i get them. I also write down the complete stories of my dreams in every detail. This helps remembering them when it's time to write the script. I got this idea that's so massive that I have yet to even fathom the writing of it. I have it all inside and know I could sit and write it when the time comes. The fact that it's probably $100M film keeps me from writing it. It's like, why write it when I know I won't be shooting it any time soon? So I just write my little low budget indies. I'm happy with that now so it's not a problem. I do have bigger budget stuff wrote but just sitting on the shelf. I think I'll write the 100m film after I finish Echos. Maybe. I don't know. for now, I'm working on "Remember to Smile".  I won't go into detail about what that is. You will find out soon enough. 


I wrote this thing in 2017. It remains just as relevant today. Let's end the year with a push in the right direction.
Word of the day
If I could just…
So many times we face an obstacle or try to accomplish a goal and the pieces are almost all there but one thing is preventing the accomplishment. This is when we say, “if I could just____”. You can fill in that blank with anything, but the meaning doesn’t change much. If I could just find the time, if I could just hit this shot, if I could just get a job, if I could just win. There is a secret in that little sentence. Just do it. If you can get to the point of saying “if I could just” then you are almost there. You know exactly what you need to do and all you have to do is just do it. Now pessimist will say you can’t just do it but realistically you can. Look at the examples and take “if I could just find a job” for instance. Get out there and find the job! Don’t stop until you do. The laws of the universe are powerful and one law states that effort will undoubtedly be rewarded. Period. It’s really that simple. This is my last word of the day for the year (will return Jan 8th) and I really want you to take something from this going into 2018. Apply as much effort as humanly possible to all your endeavors. And when you do, track your efforts, not your rewards, and watch your world change. Get to the place where you can say “if I could just” and then “just” do it. I hope that everyone has a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Be safe, share the love, remember the ones that are missing a family member or friend that was here last Christmas but not this one, vent about any and everything you need to in 2017, let it go, move to 2018 with a clean slate and most of all be blessed mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. ~David Skato

The Universe Within 

Man look, I got this universe that plays over and over in my head. It starts with the novel famous but I see it as 5 films. The reason I wrote Famous was to get the ideas in some format. At the moment I can't afford to fund the budget to get the film properly made so I just put it all in a book. The novel did do a solid and allowed me to put all the little details in that I would have had to sacrifice in the film. That's a good thing. But I see this being such a big move in the film industry. I know no one can see what I see but i KNOW this is a great story. Famous, Faceless, LIA, Crimson, and Theory. All tied together forever. I'm going to continue to push out great content until I create that opportunity to fund this universe. Until then, I'll enjoy the ride of making my family friendly stuff which I enjoy so much. So take a load off the trauma that the world gives abundantly, and laugh and feel refreshed with a Skato family film. :) 


Word of the day

Hello people of earth. I won't be doing a WOTD everyday, just when the mood strikes me, or like today, an old one pops up on FB. :) I like this one very much so I decided to post it. 


Fearless is the absence of fear. Being fearless is situational. You may not have fear in doing certain things but no one is fearless. The word of the day is Fear-less. I go forward through my days not with the absence of fear but with an understanding of it. I fear a lot. But I’m not scared to face the things that I fear. In the moment of doing the things you fear, that fear dissipates and a sense of calm covers you. You now fear-less. So today I’m not preaching to you to not be afraid but I am advising you to face, embrace and then destroy the fear. ~ David Skato

The Eating Gold Script is complete! 

Good morning my great people of earth. Today I am proud to announce that the final draft of "Eating Gold" is finished. It took me about a week an a half to get it done because of limited time. I sat down 3 times for about 4 hours each to complete the project.

I get asked a lot about how long does it take to write a project or where my ideas come from. As far as how long, that depends on my availability. Sometimes I get to write a few hours uninterrupted and others I get distractions from all over the place. The first draft takes about 8 hours total from idea to finish. For a few points of reference, I am woman took 45 minutes to write the first draft. Croenoak took about 3 hours. Dirt road MS I wrote over a weekend. Once Upon a lifetime was done over a weekend also. I write fast. I didn't know this until I started communicating with other writers. I thought it was normal. Another point of reference is my novel "famous". I wrote it in two months. That's long for me :). That was more of time issues with normal life intervening.

The big question is how. How can I write so fast. To answer that, I have to answer where my ideas come from. I dream them. In complete detail. Every line of dialogue, every action block. Word for word. I remember it all. So when it comes to writing, I just jot down what I already know. the time is more about how fast can I type and how much time do I have to sit there and get it done. I do know that this is unusual but not unheard of. This is why I know that telling stories is my purpose. I also enjoy it so much that I can't see myself doing anything else. 

Today is another beginning. Follow me as I write and record video for this blog as I progress from Idea to premier of Eating Gold!