I wrote this thing in 2017. It remains just as relevant today. Let's end the year with a push in the right direction.
Word of the day
If I could just…
So many times we face an obstacle or try to accomplish a goal and the pieces are almost all there but one thing is preventing the accomplishment. This is when we say, “if I could just____”. You can fill in that blank with anything, but the meaning doesn’t change much. If I could just find the time, if I could just hit this shot, if I could just get a job, if I could just win. There is a secret in that little sentence. Just do it. If you can get to the point of saying “if I could just” then you are almost there. You know exactly what you need to do and all you have to do is just do it. Now pessimist will say you can’t just do it but realistically you can. Look at the examples and take “if I could just find a job” for instance. Get out there and find the job! Don’t stop until you do. The laws of the universe are powerful and one law states that effort will undoubtedly be rewarded. Period. It’s really that simple. This is my last word of the day for the year (will return Jan 8th) and I really want you to take something from this going into 2018. Apply as much effort as humanly possible to all your endeavors. And when you do, track your efforts, not your rewards, and watch your world change. Get to the place where you can say “if I could just” and then “just” do it. I hope that everyone has a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Be safe, share the love, remember the ones that are missing a family member or friend that was here last Christmas but not this one, vent about any and everything you need to in 2017, let it go, move to 2018 with a clean slate and most of all be blessed mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. ~David Skato