I'm always writing something. If it isn't scripts then it's words of the day or some other crazy thought. I have so many ideas and I just want to get them on a page. As a film writer, I get stuck on deciding to go for the big ideas or write the small, more manageable ones first. I normally decide on the latter. That's because I want to get the films done. I know that I can do smaller films with no problem so that's what I tend to focus on when writing. I do put all my ideas on the page when i get them. I also write down the complete stories of my dreams in every detail. This helps remembering them when it's time to write the script. I got this idea that's so massive that I have yet to even fathom the writing of it. I have it all inside and know I could sit and write it when the time comes. The fact that it's probably $100M film keeps me from writing it. It's like, why write it when I know I won't be shooting it any time soon? So I just write my little low budget indies. I'm happy with that now so it's not a problem. I do have bigger budget stuff wrote but just sitting on the shelf. I think I'll write the 100m film after I finish Echos. Maybe. I don't know. for now, I'm working on "Remember to Smile".  I won't go into detail about what that is. You will find out soon enough.