I was thinking of posting a status but I honestly don't like social media. I explained that in one of my previous rants. So I will post it here. :) It's about winning and/or being jealous of the people around you that are winning. Unless you on god mode, we all get jealous from time to time even if it last just a moment. I found myself jealous of another film maker because he got some opportunities that I felt I should have had. Long story short, he was blessed with nepotism and being from a family successful in the film business. He never even thought about film until it was the only thing left for him to try. needless to say, he had a big win. It's strange because I was honestly happy for him but at the same time I felt that he didn't deserve that level of "winning" so early in his career. I know that doesn't make sense but I'm just telling how I felt. Then I thought about something that has become a life lesson. We never know what someone is going through and sometimes they need a big win just to get through the day. That means that maybe people that win really need to. I know there are times where I feel lost and really need something to happen to bring me back. For me, it's a small win because I don't require much. I'm aware that I'm blessed so a good review of my film is a win for me that keeps me going. Some people need lottery types of wins. Like really big wins in order not to lose their minds. I understand that now. I think that my slow and steady grind is a win. I think doing what I love the most is a win. I would love to make it to the academy awards but if not, I'll be ok. As long as I get to tell stories, I'll be fine. That's my win. My good people of earth, find your "wins" and don't concern yourself with other people's. They may need it more than you and that's ok.