Wehw, we made it through 2021. So much happened that I'm truly thankful for. This year is about grinding a little more than I did last year. To start, I've already written 3 features before the year was done. Two just in the last 3 weeks. My latest is "Remember to smile". It's a touching, heavy, drama that focuses on black men and they way we think about different situations. I've had this story in my head for about a year now and was able to complete the 77 page script in 2 days. Again, this is just me telling you how I write, not to be boastful in any kind of way. I have an idea, most time a complete vision from a dream, and I just sit there and write until I'm done.

Most likely I won't be shooting this film this year because I want to focus on the lighter stuff for right now. When I say deep, this film is DEEP.  But you know me, (i hope by now), it will be very entertaining. I don't have any plans to write anything else script wise this year but that can change with a simple dream. I have two more scripts in my head fighting to get out but for now I want to finish the second novel. That takes way longer than writing a script. like two months :) I make fun of my speed of writing a lot because I had no clue that it was unusual. I think I can pull it off because I don't give a shit what people think. If I like it, then I write it. Also produce and shoot it. So far, that has worked for me. I think I have a good taste in film and I'm tough on myself when it comes to my scripts.

I have written things and threw it in the trash. (dropbox) and will never revisit it. Maybe the idea sounded good but on the page it was stupid. These ideas come from me though not my dreams. This is when I'm having a "dream drought" and nothing has came in for months. Haven't had one of those in a few years so i'm glad about that. Let me give an example then i'll end this little tirade.

I had written a film called "The how can love". LOL this was probably in 2013. I thought the idea was great until I wrote it. It was about this guy on his deathbed that got to go back to his wedding day to start all over. Needless to say the film (?mr.nobody?) did the idea much better than my script. I laugh at that shit today because I was really trying hard to write it and in the end it was a massive failure. I have a couple of more but won't get into it. So my good people of earth, keep dreaming, keep writing and HAPPY NEW YEAR! let's get to work! And remember to smile.