So I got a kickback from a guy who was just being honest and I wanted to address it here. First off he asked why did I say I was the greatest story teller ever to do it when I have no accolades to back it up. buurrrnnn. HAHAH. I love it! The page heading is my affirmation. It's the thing that I strive to accomplish the most. Now I know that this is an impossible goal because 'the greatest" is all subjective. Who's the greatest basketball player? Exactly. It doesn't really matter. It's whatever you think. If I was to say that Tyler Perry was the greatest film maker ever people would draw and quarter me. If I was to say it was Spielberg, people would argue but I'll leave in one piece. The point I'm trying to make is you have the right to think whatever you want. It's your god damn brain! I think I'm the greatest, therefore I am so. In my mind. The only place that counts. to me. So don't allow anyone to tear you down a peg. If you think you are the best then THINK THAT unapologetically and don't let what anyone say change or alter that FACT. He's obviously a fan. Why else would he be examining my page? :) 


 "Why can't I be the best...?"