I've found that people compete with ghost who they will never beat. Why? I can remember a time when I was really young, (20s ha) that I thought this way. I would not collaborate with other artists because it was always me against them.  I would strive to be the best. That’s where I failed. To be the best at something, it takes a village to help you learn. There’s no way one person can know everything. Now I only compete with who I was yesterday. I found that support is not people liking your status or even buying your product. Support is people really appreciating what you do. Daily. If I make a film that you dig then watch it. Don’t watch it just because you know me. I would rather you have a connection with the material.  You like what I do and how I do it and you are willing to share that with others. If you rock with me and you like what I do then you are the type supporter I like!

A short example. There was this time a guy made a song about me. I didn’t care for the guy and we had a little squabble here and there. But the song was good! I went around town blasting the song in my car and it was talking about me. It didn’t matter because it was a good song. I guess that’s support. I supported his music but I didn’t like his ugly face. HA. But if anyone asked me about the song I proudly told them it was good.

You don’t have to like me to like what I do. And you don’t have to like what I do to like me. I know most people that I grew up with won’t care for Once. But that’s ok. I still rock with you. Go watch gutta story!