Usually when I'm quiet that means I'm thinking. When I'm quiet on the internet or social media, that means I'm busy. I don't put too much thought into social media and posts. I'm a naturally private person and don't like people all in my bidness. That doesn't mean I won't go off from time to time if the situation deserves it. Luckily it has been a while since my last incident. (you know who you are) I posted my new logo today which will probably be my last post for a long time.  I'll keep grinding in secret. I decided that this was the year of me. Last year I did really well. I also failed on so many levels. One was trying to ink partnerships. That was a disaster. People ain't built like me. Most want to live the idea but not he work. Some want to take all your work and claim it for themselves. I just want to make movies.

I spent a lot of time over the last years meeting and trying to forge partnerships but in the end, ended up doing everything myself with the exception of people I paid for services. This year, that's the way I go. I figured out I can just pay people and move on. That way we all on the same page. They get a check and I get a service. No one has to pretend to be interested in my projects anymore. No one has to pretend to want a partner but really just want to see what I can do for them. If you got a talent or skill then I will just hire you. If they don't want to work for money, then I'll just find someone else. point blank period. That's how I'm rocking for 2022. My circle a period. The way I like it. 

This year I changed my logo and also changed my thinking. Let's see how it all goes. Either way, I'll be straight because I always got me. And I can vibe with myself just fine. :)