The Eating Gold Script is complete! 

Good morning my great people of earth. Today I am proud to announce that the final draft of "Eating Gold" is finished. It took me about a week an a half to get it done because of limited time. I sat down 3 times for about 4 hours each to complete the project.

I get asked a lot about how long does it take to write a project or where my ideas come from. As far as how long, that depends on my availability. Sometimes I get to write a few hours uninterrupted and others I get distractions from all over the place. The first draft takes about 8 hours total from idea to finish. For a few points of reference, I am woman took 45 minutes to write the first draft. Croenoak took about 3 hours. Dirt road MS I wrote over a weekend. Once Upon a lifetime was done over a weekend also. I write fast. I didn't know this until I started communicating with other writers. I thought it was normal. Another point of reference is my novel "famous". I wrote it in two months. That's long for me :). That was more of time issues with normal life intervening.

The big question is how. How can I write so fast. To answer that, I have to answer where my ideas come from. I dream them. In complete detail. Every line of dialogue, every action block. Word for word. I remember it all. So when it comes to writing, I just jot down what I already know. the time is more about how fast can I type and how much time do I have to sit there and get it done. I do know that this is unusual but not unheard of. This is why I know that telling stories is my purpose. I also enjoy it so much that I can't see myself doing anything else. 

Today is another beginning. Follow me as I write and record video for this blog as I progress from Idea to premier of Eating Gold!