Word of the day

Hello people of earth. I won't be doing a WOTD everyday, just when the mood strikes me, or like today, an old one pops up on FB. :) I like this one very much so I decided to post it. 


Fearless is the absence of fear. Being fearless is situational. You may not have fear in doing certain things but no one is fearless. The word of the day is Fear-less. I go forward through my days not with the absence of fear but with an understanding of it. I fear a lot. But I’m not scared to face the things that I fear. In the moment of doing the things you fear, that fear dissipates and a sense of calm covers you. You now fear-less. So today I’m not preaching to you to not be afraid but I am advising you to face, embrace and then destroy the fear. ~ David Skato