The Universe Within 

Man look, I got this universe that plays over and over in my head. It starts with the novel famous but I see it as 5 films. The reason I wrote Famous was to get the ideas in some format. At the moment I can't afford to fund the budget to get the film properly made so I just put it all in a book. The novel did do a solid and allowed me to put all the little details in that I would have had to sacrifice in the film. That's a good thing. But I see this being such a big move in the film industry. I know no one can see what I see but i KNOW this is a great story. Famous, Faceless, LIA, Crimson, and Theory. All tied together forever. I'm going to continue to push out great content until I create that opportunity to fund this universe. Until then, I'll enjoy the ride of making my family friendly stuff which I enjoy so much. So take a load off the trauma that the world gives abundantly, and laugh and feel refreshed with a Skato family film. :)