Word of the Day

Hello great people of earth,

I hope to inspire you today by posting an old idea that I'm resurrecting.  About a year of two ago, I had this idea to do what I called "The word of the day". This was just my thoughts put out on FB to try to motivate people to look at life differently. I wasn't expecting anything big but as time progressed I felt like i was bothering people more than I helped. So I decided to keep the words to myself and write them in my own personal journal (notes on my phone).  I'm bringing it back because, like the underlining fact of this site, you are here because you chose to be. It's not facebook, where you see post from your friends and have to just go with it. This is something you actively clicked on. With that, here it is:

Exploded View

This is defined as a diagram or technical drawing of an object that shows the relationship and order of assembly of various parts. How many of you have ever bought a table or something that required assembly? In that box you received a diagram of how to put that thing together. That’s the exploded view. Now let’s talk about our exploded views as people. Not that easy right? Have you ever walked outside of yourself to really looked at the people who make up your life? This is how to find your exploded view. What you are made of is a compilation of the people that have had influence on you. Those go from your biggest hurts and loves to the smallest “hello” someone gave you on the elevator. We are all just a gumbo of our experiences. Of course, humans are more complicated than an end table but the concept is the same. To make good use of your exploded view think about the person that is closest to you It could be anyone. Child, spouse, friend, or relative. Now think about when you first met that person. As you think back, think about the first time they made you smile, then the first time they made you mad and from there the first time they made you sad. You are now developing your exploded view of that relationship. Now apply this to any and everyone you have ever met and watch you life unfold before your very eyes. ~ David Skato


This being the first entry and all, I don't want to say much. I decided to do this mix of blog/vlog to track my journey from script to production. On this blog you will find just thoughts from me. Unfiltered. Like always, you found this page because you were looking for it. I don't advertise it, at least not at the time of this writing. 

So far there's no (finished) script so I think this is a perfect time. 

Check out my mock cover: