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Remember to Smile - Coming Soon

When an accident lands an aging science teacher in hot water, he has to come to terms with who he is and let go of who he will never become.

Eating Gold - Coming Soon

A young vegan must deal with the troubles of high school, relationships, and a national cooking competition in the pursuit of her dream of becoming a chef.

Where The Old Road Echos - Coming Soon

When the daughter of a bluesman discovers she has the ability to heal the sick, he has to protect his family from a mysterious stranger who might be the devil. 


A miserable man's obsession with missing persons leads to an unexpected opportunity.

Once Upon A Lifetime - 2021

When a young girl shows up at the doorstep of a struggling family, faith, truth and a special kind of magic reveal itself.

Dirt Road Mississippi - 2018

Two attorneys are tasked with the job of defending a poor black kid against the double homicide of two white students.

Croenoak - 2015

David Conner is called to the town of Croenoak to investigate a missing child. Questions arise when the investigation takes a supernatural turn. There's something strange about Croenoak...

Mentee - 2014

When Kennedy gets unexpected news from his girlfriend, he ventures out to find work. After failing to get a job he cross paths of a young southern business man with a interesting business. 

Killing Joy - 2013

After Joy suffers from a stroke, her husband has to come to terms with what will be a life-long issue. Is love stronger than temptation?

I Am Woman - 2012

A coming of age film about a young girl struggling to find her way in a very harsh environment. This is an inspirational film about the very decisions that transforms a young lady into a woman.

Gutta Story - 2011

When Mango is released from prison after serving 8 years, he takes to the streets to find out who killed his friend and set him up.